Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You can't break me.

Today the grade five tend du jour was wearing your hoodie backwards with the hood pulled up over your face. Puhlease Jin-ho, you act like you've never seen Kris Kross before. Take a history class already; you're not novel and you should know as much.

I think today's trend was specifically designed to traipse on my last exposed nerve, but the laugh's on you, you tiny little assholes. Any prank that muffles your yappy mouth is something I can get on board with. And I don't have to look at your face all class? Perfect, hoods up er'body.

How about calling me 'sir' every time I have use a stern voice to get the class under control? I of course use the term 'class' loosely; what I teach is better compared to the chimpanzee exhibit at the zoo after a heavy dose of lsd. A single cup of coffee can't compete with that, a trailer park in a tornado has a better chance of survival.

But it doesn't matter. Know why? Sometimes you cry and I think it's funny. Brittney Teacher for the win.

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Joel said...

God bless you madam.