Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This awkward looking photo is of me modelling a dress I MADE! Well mostly made, with a ton of help from the terrific and terribly talented Tina.

My mirror at home is shit, so I took this photo on vacation which is why I'm wearing my vacation hat and my vacation sunglasses and doing my vacation awkward-mouth-expression, it's classic "Vacation B-tang."

The top is actually a t-shirt that I sewed, very crookedly, onto a piece of fabric that used to be a rectangle but is now a skirt shape. I cover up all sewing mistakes and muffin tops with a belt. My motto in life is "Just put a belt on it!" which comes from a lifetime of shopping at Value Village and sales racks with weird sizes, but I think it's applicable to a lot of other things.

This might be the only photo of China that makes it up because I do so hate uploading photos.

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