Monday, February 15, 2010

An ode

My winter layer is a wonderful thing
It keeps me warm from fall until spring
Like a jacket lining, thick or thin
Except that it's blubber under my skin.


Bundled up under so many clothes
My layer is hidden when the cold snow blows
Nobody can see this flab that I have
All is hidden from my waist to my calves


During a west coast mid-winter high
Something happens between my thighs
When the temperature rises up to plus nine
They start to chafe, these thighs of mine

Skirts without tights
Cause such a fright
When walking a lot
My legs get quite hot

Things start to burn
My skin starts to turn
A shade of pink
That makes one think:

Was winter so bad?
I miss it a tad
Sleet, rain and snow
I like the mercury low

Of course...

I could diet or even exercise...
Or maybe just ice my poor swollen thighs.

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