Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh Dear

Situation: I opened the cupboard that normally contains plates, cups, bowls and the like only to find a bottle of soy sauce where cup no.2 should be (I have 3 cups).

Additional Facts: My soy sauce bottle is quite large. Specifically, my soy sauce bottle is taller than the height of my cupboard shelf. Said bottle had to be wedged at an angle in order to fit on said shelf in said cupboard. One might imagine this took at least 2 attempts, up to a maximum of 4. Said soy sauce bottle does not belong there.

Assessment: I have no idea how it got there. Boyfriend claims innocence in this regard and I am inclined to believe him because a) he does not have red hair, an obvious sign of a liar, and b) well, why would he lie about soy sauce?

Conclusion: The marbles, they are falling fast. As the thin plastic sticks are removed they fall, ever rapidly, into the abyss. Kerplunk...kerplunk...kerplunk...

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