Thursday, September 2, 2010

Typhoon > Snowstorm

Top 4 Reasons Why Typhoons are Superior To Snowstorms

4. Typhoons have names. They're so epic you can call them by a proper noun. No one ever names snowstorms and rightly so because Snowstorm Bob, or Heavy Flurries Marg just doesn't have the same ring.

3. Typhoons are sexy. I don't really know what a typhoon is! I think there's wind and maybe rain but there an air of mystery about the whole thing that I find irrisistable.

2. Taken from my friend Grant: "The plural of typhoon is typhoon. The collective noun of typhoon is "an affiliation of typhoon."" Who, these guys? They're with me, they're my affiliation. (This means the previous reasons are gramatically incorrect, but "typhoon are sexy" sounds weird. Weirder.) I think the collective noun for snowstorm is just "a bunch" or "a shit ton."

1. Umm, I've never seen one before so I'm just pretty excited. Typhoon Kompatsu, you're a sissy little mommas boy so make like Kirsten Dunst in a crop top: bring it on.


illllllllllllli said...

I should come clean and admit that those typhoon facts were mostly typhoon lies.

However, on a Google search for '"Collective Noun" typhoon', this is now the first result. The revolution is upon us.

bisforcookie said...

Aww, man. This reminds me of the scene in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang were Val Kilmer says, "Look up the word gullible in the dictionary, you know what you'll find?"

Other guy: "A picture of me?"

Val: "No, a definition of the word gullible which you fucking are!"