Saturday, November 13, 2010

There are still mosquitos

How? Why? Not just in November, but like, in general. Do you mean to tell me that the unicorns couldn't make it on the boat but Noah was all like, "Mosquitoes? Two? Check. This way fellas. Do you need a drink before we push off?"

These photos are from two seperate occassions a while back and warning, some of them are unpleasant.

First up: emotastic mouth swelling.

Gratuitous mouth shots:

Ready for work looking like I just got botox with a dull needle in a dirty alley.

Round two: you win mosquitos. Now I can't leave my house for fear of scaring the towsfolk.

True story, I sent this picture to Kyle's phone with a sarcastic message that didn't seem sarcastic in light of the terrifying picture and he called who called me back all like, "omg, what happened?!" and I laughed and mumbled incomprehensibly through my bulbous lip.

Close up of those crazy eyes:

Who bites an eyelid? There's no juice there! That was just spiteful.

If I knew why this photo was sideways it wouldn't be sideways.Thus concludes my photo essay on why I hate mosquitos. I'd like to thank the panel for their consideration of making them extinct in return for getting the pandas back. The pandas aren't extinct yet? Still? Okay, fine, I'll take the dodos, or a small furry dinasour.

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