Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Try saying no to those eyes.

"Ruv me prease!" he says, adorably, with a hint of pitiful.

I'm puppysitting what is possibly the cutest little guy south of the dmz. He never, ever barks or whines and when he gets so excited he just can't contain himself, for example whenever I walk in the door, he does a little spin around in a circle dance. I can't blame him, I walk in the door pre-tty well, thanks for noticing Oli.

I thought all dogs merely tolerated being put in clothes, but as I was going through his bag he started doing his spinny dance. Oli! I already walked in the door, what else could be so exciting? Well that would be this sleeveless striped little number, for that jaunty-Parisienne-nautical-puppy feel.

The lighting in my house was terrible, but rest assured this is not the last puppy photo shoot you'll see.

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Greg said...

You're puppy sitting? I'm kitty sitting. Let's fight them.