Friday, September 14, 2012

Excellent, Awesome Pita Sandwich

To make this sandwich, you should first visit your friend Larry's house. Larry just made a soundproof room in his house so he can practice guitar without disturbing the neighbours. Talented and courteous and, ladies, check the pic for a little sample of his biceps.

This sandwich was a the result of a refrigerator ransack. It's got leftover chicken breast and bacon, hummous and curry mayo, sprouts, tomato, avocado, garlic havarti, woah. Smash all that into an only partially torn pita and you are in business. 

Served with Miss. Vickies balsamic vinegar chips and a little vino that Larry had lieing around. Classy, ladies. Classy.

Larry tore his pita a lot. Too much. But he doesn't give a frack; he just pita on either side like bread. He's innovative, ladies. Just like all the billionaires.  


ExuberantBodhisattva said...

I didn't know they still had Miss Vickies' chips. I heard there was some sort of lawsuit. Well, this is very good news. Congratulations to you and Larry on your sandwiches.

bisforcookie said...

They definitely still exist in Vancouver, but I recently found out that they're a subsidiary of a huge, evil corporation. I always kind of imagined the Vickie family standing over a fryer, laughing and making chips.