Friday, November 9, 2012


It's great to have goals. Mine include:

Buy new shoelaces so my left converse isn't held together with a very short, frayed piece of string


Throw out the rotten miniature pumpkin(s) sitting on my bookshelf


That rotten container of leftover rice in the fridge


Well, all the other rotten stuff too




Just kidding, I don't care about flossing


Stop making jokes about my life goals


Just kidding, that's not going to happen


Solve world peace

Awesome, good talk.


Jess said...

I get ya gurl. My most recent major goals have included:
1. finally take the 'donate-able' clothes and drop them off in the bin at the grocery store I go to 3 times a week. I've only been meaning to do this since July.
2. paint my nails so it's not as noticeable that i chew them.
3. Cook a meal without Cristian's help.

I've only done one. The other two seem pretty distantly attainable at this stage.

Bisforcookie said...

Dude you did one! That's like 100% of a third of all of them! You're done as far as I can tell.

Anne and Christian said...

Ha! I just now donated the clothes I've been meaning to get rid of since February and only cleaned out my rotten fridge because we were hosting a party! Luckily my shoes don't require laces so I won't need to replace them anytime soon.