Sunday, February 28, 2010

Welcome Home!

Come in, sit down, take your bra off if you like.

This is the view from my doorway. Here you can see my combination kitchen/dining room. It's intimate, like lighting candles during sex. Or walking in on someone in a public washroom. While they're having sex with candles lit.

There's a pile of garbage in the corner because I haven't got the official Daegu garbage bags yet. I have, however, got the best damn garbage can in town. Everyone, I'd like you to meet Bungki and Pengki:

Hi Everyone. Do you know Bungki and pengki? They are so warm and shy by nature.

It is autumn in raining. Pengki likes rainy day. He feel so happy. I don't feel unhappy. But tomorrow it will warm. Anyway. Today is Funny day.

This is my sink with a disney princess motif on the back splash. When I wash the dishes I feel like Cinderelly. When I sleep for 12 hours straight I feel like Sleeping Average Looking.

This is my stove. No oven. It's also where I'll likely leave the gas on and blow my apartment up.

This is my bathroom. Can you spot my shower? Hint: it's attached to my sink.

Herrrrooooo Kitty!

And conveniently close to the toilet! Have you ever wanted to wash your hair and take a shit at the same time? Well yeah, you could do it anyway, but this way you don't have to fish corn kernels out of the drain.

This is my media room. My downstairs neighbour is over, maybe you know him? Kyle Stevenson? Yup, he lives in the apartment directly below me. Tina Fey is over too. So glad everyone could make it!

The media room is located conveniently close to my bedroom. My bed is very expensive because it's made of the hardest substance on earth. Which is diamonds. Which are very hard. My bed is very hard. I wake up several times each night because my wide set hips take the weight of my body and are crushed into the 'matress' when I sleep on my side. Fun!

And this is the laundry closet/ my other window!

Alright, I'm tired so I'm going to skooch my office chair over to my bedroom and go to sleep in a half side/half front position for several hours. I'll tell Bungki and Pengki you say hi!


Anonymous said...

I think that if somebody offered for me to take my bra off when I went into their house I would take them up on said offer.

lowercasecarmen said...

I think I lol'd more times than there are words in this post.

Miss you.

Word Verification: sestle (that sounds unsanitary if you ask me)