Friday, August 6, 2010

Murdered in the City

Scene: Brittney opens the sliding door between the living/bedroom and enters the kitchen/everything else room.

Brittney: Oh my god it's murder hot in here.

Kyle is on the computer, unresponsive.

Brittney: It's sooo hot in here, it's like there's a fi- oh. my. god. you left the stove on.

Kyle grunts, or something.

Brittney: The butter melted all over the counter it's so hot in here.

Kyle: That could have been anybody.

Brittney: It's like a fireplace was on because there is literally a fire in the kitchen. You could have killed us all.

Kyle: I'll kill you somehow...bring me a kleenex, I sneezed on floor.

Brittney: Oh, wow, so you're going for the Darsh of the Year award I see.

Kyle: Quick, it's drying.

WE'RE GOING ON VACATION!!! See you in eleven days unless I get bored and spend the entire time on the internet.


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