Monday, December 6, 2010

Cultural Tips for the Culturally Insensitive

This week's tip comes from grade 5 chapter 16: How was your vacation? This cultural tip has seemingly nothing to do with the lesson, but it's still nice and offensive so they threw it in just for funsies. Enjoy.

1. Nursing home in America.

Usually, in America, the elderly live alone. Unlike the elderly in Korea, who are supported by their oldest son. In America there are certain care centers for elderly people unable to care for themselves called, nursing homes or retirement homes for the aged. These are not government supported centers. The cost to live in these centers is quite high. Therefore the people who live on a pension can't afford to live there without assistance. They envy the Oriental family system because their golden years can be very lonely.

Don't we all envy the Oriental family system because of its inherent superiority? The elderly in Korea are never lonely, especially when their son or daughter has a baby and they take it away to live with them instead. What a great way to not be lonely. How about the elderly that are outside at 4am digging through the trash cans for bits of paper so they can drag it around on their trolley. How could you be lonely with all that paper to keep you company? If you think my grandmother is envious of your family system you are sorely mistaken because she thinks you live in dilapidated huts made of rice paper and don't use forks because you haven't figured out the technology yet. She's a racist, but then so are you. I guess we have something in common after all...

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I love your Grandma!