Thursday, December 15, 2011

I love this country.

I do. But sometimes I want to grab it by its little chicken neck and scream at it until my eyes bleed.

I was in a Homeplus (think: Superstore) parking garage for the first time yesterday. On our way out I noticed my co-teacher's car was parked in a section, very close to the doors, where the concrete pillars were painted pink and had pictures of women in dresses, like on a bathroom door. Laughing, I said "What? Is this section only for girls?" And then I laughed again.  "Ha ha!" I laughed, "Ha ha, ha...ha. Oh no."

"Yes, this section is for girls only, for convenience. Men park farther away because they are better drivers."

.... I ... it's just.... I just.... I ... I mean... whaaaaaat?

If that doesn't make you want to burn your bra right there on the spot then I don't know what will. But pretty offensive gender stereotypes aside - one's ability to maneuver a motor vehicle into a parking spot in no way reflects how long of a walk they should have to the door. If anything these terrible women drivers should be parking further away in case their vaginas hit the gas pedal and send them flying into the store.

Untangle your fallopian tubes and give your head a shake ladies.

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Erin said...

omg I was so shocked when I first saw this too!! I saw a sign for a 'woman-friendly car-park' and could only guess that might mean maybe it's safe to park there at night or something, but when my friend told me the real reason I couldn't believe it! I guess it had bigger parking spaces and more room to maneuver, so it was easier for those "terrible women drivers". Un-frickin-believable!