Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Home sweet...oh god

Pray to the real estate gods that I never have to live in a place this small again. 

I'm standing on my desk right now to get a complete shot of the floor space. As you can see with the chair pulled out it is reduced by over 50% to a mere 1 square foot.

Here I am attempting to access my closet. I have to first crawl over the bed and then the door only opens part way before it hits the bathroom wall. If I wedge my butt in door opening and crouch instead of bending at the waist I can almost access my clothes. And when I'm in the bathroom I have to sit at an angle because the toilet is too close to the wall for my butt.

Cute, right? Right??


--V said...

Good lord. Where are you living?

bisforcookie said...

Seoul, Korea. Just for one cramped month though!