Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Thanksgiving Wrap-Up


I started by collecting chestnuts and little apples from the trees in front of our building. I gave harsh eyes to the crazy man feeding the rat birds (pigeons) and stuffed them in my purse like a crazy woman. Zero irony here.

Cut to: googly eyes on sale at junk store in Chinatown. We (mostly not me) glued them on everything, alternating sizes and placement, so each one had its own little personality. Sew coot!

Then we took crumpled paper bags (that previously held scones from the farmers market outside my window, because apparently I live in Stars Hollow) and glued them onto empty tin cans. Insert candle: instant mood lighting!

Add miniature gourds, candlesticks and mason jars for that farmhouse, shabby chic look.


Perogies, with traditional Ukrainian family recipe involving Cheeze Whiz.

Hot ham water...

Our turkey, Fredrick, mid carnage.

Everything, all on one plate.

The gang's all here!

Old friends, travelling all the way from Alberta, Montreal and Wisconsin, plus old friends who now live in Toronto and new friends. So many friendssssssss! So happy everyone came came and indulged my love of hosting slash micromanaging dinner. 

Then the traditional, post-dinner Mean Girls viewing... 

...with a pie intermission. The best kind of intermission.

So happy! What a kick off to fall and holiday season! Can't wait for Halloween now! 

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