Monday, April 5, 2010

Fashion Bug Spring 2010

I'm a little bit of a whore in Korea. My co-teachers wear scarves to cover that risque bit of skin from the top of your shirt to your chin. Me? I let my collerbone show. Hell I even wear v-neck shirts! With another, higher, shirt underneath of course, but I do it! I don't, however, wear earrings anymore after a passive message from my coteachers that "the principal doesn't like us to wear big earrings, but it's okay for you because you are beautiful." Okay, let me just translate that from Korean-English to regular-English..."Don't wear earrings."

This was sad at first becuase a) I love earrings and b) I have lots of them now collecting dust. However, where God or your Korean princpal closes a window, he or she might leave the sliding door open so I got these supacute necklaces for about $4 each.

My other must-have for Korean spring fashion? Slippers. After (I thought) I was given slippers by the school the principal told me I had to get my own. She is a battleaxe with strong opinions about jewlery and footwear. Then there was much confusion about what exactly constitutes a slipper: open toe or closed? Can it have a heel? Does it matter what it's made of? Does anything here have arch support? Where can you find ladies size 10 slippers? No where? Fabulous. Luckily I found these bad boys at Footlocker, finally completing my hippie-lesbian-librarian look.

Chunky men's birkenstocks? Check.
Sock and sandals? Check.
Hairy legs? Cheeeeck.

Combined with the fact that I now rock the pants-under-skirt look becuase some of my skirts are too short (read: showing kneecap) I'm about two steps away from playing bass in a 90's all girl rock band that tours exclusively with Lilith Fair. All I need is a shirt that says "Eve Was Framed" and the ability to take things seriously.


Unknown said...

I feel like I am IN your crotch looking down at your socks in 'stocks.

bisforcookie said...

Like being birthed by a hippie.

Christo Wit said...

OMW, I laughed my ass off! Well done!