Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We're Going to Cannes!

After much anticipation (on my part) I have made my film debut! I present to you my short film entitled In, On, Under. It has been my baby for the past three days after getting the go-ahead from my reluctant producers (co-teacha thinkee it's too difficult). I wrote, directed and edited this masterpiece. I was also costume and set designer (brought my cape and got the key for the broadcast room), camera-man (held digital camera relatively steady) and creative director (drew the opening credits). But I don't want all the credit; two grade five kids whose names I don't remember also showed up.


Behind the scenes gossip:

This film, which was a much welcomed creative thought by my co-teacher, was almost canned becuase my producers thought the magic trick required "too much skill". I explained that monkey's perform tricks like this all the time, no problem! Then they wanted me to take the boy's role because, as you can see, "he is not bery good." Yeahhhhh, I'm afraid I can't fire a ten year old boy and assume his role simply because his acting skills aren't up to par.

Plus, I'm no one's understudy.


lowercasecarmen said...

Ahhhh shiiiiiit. Shizam!

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Hey, your vid program is pretty good. Is this for your English class or is it for video broadcast? I wanted a kids English news broadcast where they report on events around school but no go. Instead they have me doing storytelling for morning broadcast. I wish we had the kids involved in our programs.