Thursday, March 17, 2011

Exerpts from a week

I went to the doctor twice this week. Once for a cold of which allowing my body to heal itself seemed far too strenuous. Conversation with the doctor:

Dr 1: Medications...hmm...have you drank the cold water?

Me: I believe the correct answer

Dr 1: Ahh, okay okay, medications yes okay.

The next day....

Me: After I landed on my butt doing a 9 meter cliff jump my back feels out of place. Also, I was in a bike accident a couple years ago and landed on my shoulder and now sometimes it feels like it pops out of its socket.

Dr 2: Uhuh, habeh bery bad posture. Causeh back pain.

Me: .....really? Posture? Not the 9m bum drop? Okay, how about my shoulder?

Dr 2: Back is apffect shoulder.

Me: My shoulder problems started first.

Dr 2: Pleasuh, do leg stretching exercisee and lie down on this heatuh pad 15 minutes.

Me: Swell.

Also, I planted a garden and I have little radish sprout bebes! Photos to follow...

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