Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The extent of my accomplishments today...

Kleenex box monster ftw! Inside are little styrafoam balls marked with the students attendance numbers so I can randomly call on kids, much to their dismay I'm sure.

This is kind of like that short story The Lottery. My grade 11 English teacher made us reacreate it, using little scraps of paper, and one was marked with a hand drawn circle. I was so surprised when I opened my hand and saw the big lead mark, but perhaps more surprised when our teacher, Q, looked around the classroom and grabbed a handful of orange peels off her desk. She dealt them out in small pieces to everyone in the room and they got to whip them at me while I sang the national anthem at the front of the class. I'd like to have a look at that lesson plan, but you know what? I never forgot what that story was about. Wait, wasn't that story about someone being killed?

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Anonymous said...

I like that you are crazy B.