Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Languages are Offensive

When learning a new language I like to use mnemonics to help memorize new vocabulary words. For example:

onion: 양파 This word vaguely sounds like 'young pa' (actually more like 'yang') so I picture a teenage onion with a baby that he can't take care of.

blue: 파란 Following on the father theme, 'pa ran' away from his baby who was turning blue. Onions are terrible parents.

eraser: 지우개 This is pronounced 'ji-oo-gey' so I think "Gee, you're gay for using an eraser."

orange: 주황색 The first part of this word sounds like 'joo hwang' so I think "Orange as a Jew's wang."

So yeah, my Korean's coming along fine, thanks.


Anonymous said...

Should I try these on my Korea customers ????????

Brittney said...

Sure, especially if you enjoy people looking at you strangely.