Thursday, June 30, 2011

Not Quite the News

Or is it?

This morning my mom read an article in the trusty Edmonton Sun about women who are getting surgery on their "genitals." Who says genitals? Doctors, sex ed teachers, and my mother.

"They're getting their labia...Libya? Labia? Well whatever, they're getting that cut right off! The government's probably paying for it too."

No mom, no they're not, that's ridiculous, stop talking about this... HOWEVER, being the investigative journalist that I am, I frickin checked. Well what the fuck do you know? Women are getting their labia (minora) cut off in the aptly named procedure called The Barbie.

A quote in the article by Dr. Red Alinsod: "Women did not want to live with unflattering, sagging, and large labias, nor did they want to live with gaping open vaginas..."

Great use of descriptors doc. Really fantastic visual imagery. Tell me Red, how are your old balls looking this morning?

(Tight, taut, smooth and shiny.)

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