Monday, July 11, 2011

Ma Belle Jardin

I've recently had some unwanted bugs attaque mes belle plantes, chomping big old holes in everything, but I took some photos before they arrives, which I will now display proudly as though this were some sort of virtual wallet and these my precious offspring.

The whole ensemble:

These are my radish bebes I plucked and ate. I sauteed the tiny little guys with other veg and used the leaves (combined with parsley) to make pesto. I call it Spaghetti a la Jardin de la Fenetre.

These are new basil bebes coming along nicely, hopefully the bugs spare their precious leaves.

From left to right: thyme, basil, one lonely bean, more basil. There is never enough basil in my life.

My pride and joy bok choy! I plucked some outer leaves for a millet bowl (see and these ones rose up to replace them.

Aren't they wonderful? Aren't they just tres tres magnifique and belle and fantastique? Oui, je sais.

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