Monday, July 25, 2011

Women's Medi Park Hospital

Reading an advertisement for women's hospital conveniently located in my neighbourhood:

The gynocology clinic offers your standard laser surgery for labium minor, as well as "hymenopi asty," female phimosis and "fragidity" operation as well as G&S&Z spot "fragidity" operation. (S & Z? WTF?)

The obese clinic offers "Micro self fat graft" as well as the "Making baby face project." I'm so curious and so afraid of what the making baby face project could be. Making women look like babies? Making babies more beautiful? Making a baby that's all face and no body?

The clinic also offers limousine service, in case you were wondering.


Anne and Christian said...

Their treatment titles are ridiculous! But in all seriousness, I went there for a female check-up and was unimpressed with their doctors' ability to speak English and the coordinators lack of getting back to me with results. I'm going to go to Hyosung Hospital to check them out on these points soon. Just letting you know! But if you need insanely weird operations, by all means, go to Medi Park!

Brittney said...

Hyosung's not great, in my opinion, but it's slim pickin's around here.