Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sleep Log

Monday, December 28:

Bed at 1:00am. Wake up at 3:00am for heinously early flight. Due to pre-departure excitation will approximate 1.5 hours sleep time.

No sleep on flights due to Air Canada induced rage. Did not know planes could be too heavy to accept all passengers onto flight. Did not know airline can also oversell flights. Did not know Air Canada does not provide customer service desk at airport. Completely unprepared for anal rapage. No sleep on flights.

Tuesday, December 29:

Bed at 2:00am BC time (3:00am in Alberta). Realize have been up for 24 hours, after sleeping only 1.5 hours previous night. Laugh hysterically. Clarify: is not laugh that's hysterical, but am myself hysterical and laugh is subsequent. Wake up at 7:00 for total of 6.5 hours sleep since Sunday.

Future sleep projection: bleak. Currently 8:00pm, plans to engage in nighttime activities in near future. Tomorrow will be up early for go-karting, as is best done in early hours, followed by 30 hours drinking binge. Then New Year's Eve. NO SLEEP TILL 2010!!!

Have heard sleep deprived hallucinations to set in soon. Looking forward to it. See you soon Garfield ghost of Christmas past carrying flaming chainsaw with suitcase of baby turtles! See you soon.

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