Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Mother's Package

My mother's package arrived! Did you know if you're not home to recieve your packaage in Korea they don't send it to the nearest post office? Instead it travels many miles to a not near post office and then they send you deep into the bowels of the postal system, past rows upon rows upon rows of men sorting mail by hand (Why by hand? Surely they have machines for that).

My package contained: 3 bottles of vitamins, 1 reuseable shopping bag, and 1 vitamin C shower filter. Oh yeah, that's a real thing. Other people get food or books or sentimental trinkets from home, I get naturopathic water filtation systems.

Vaccuum sealed for freshness.

Isn't it magestic? Accompanying this nifty device was a note instructing me to be sure to bring it home with me. Sure thing, I'll pack it in the box labelled Awkward Shaped Heavy Things.

In case you're curious, this is a diagram of how the Vitamin C Shower Filter works. Just as I suspected, tiny half cut oranges inside the filter tank. But won't I be sticky after showering in fresh squeezed oj?

The Vitamin C water filter is designed to remove chlorine from the water and leave your hair and skin silky smooth. I assure you it will do neither as it gathers dust on my desk. If she asks though, it's great. I'm washing the scurvey off of me as we speak.


Anne and Christian said...

I enjoy the misspellings and that it removes "rust stain"! What a great package!
P.S. Packages delivered to school stay at school. ;-)

bisforcookie said...

oh my god, i totally didn't even notice the spelling errors. Also, maybe it's because I've grown accustomed to hearing broken english, but it seems like it was written by someone who's esl, right?

Also, I didn't want it delivered to school mainly to avoid the awkward conversation of trying to explain just what exactly my mother has sent me and why...