Saturday, August 27, 2011

Strongly Worded Letter

I often write strongly worded letters to people who deserve strongly delivered kicks to the ass, but I rarely send them. Today is different friends, today I stand up to the man. Well, some of the men. And probably several women in fairness. Let's just call them the Evildoing Men and Women of the World, or "banks" for short.

(The backstory is that, in my newly acquired financial awareness I would like to review the transactions made on my credit thus far this year. BMO Mastercard "Making Money Make Sense" has a different idea about how and when I can view my own damn money.)

Good morning,
I am trying to review my transaction history with BMO Mastercard for my own records and I do not receive paper copies of my statements as I live overseas. If I am to understand your website correctly, it will costs me $5* of my own money simple to SEE the charges I've made with my own aforementioned money (and the interest payments to you no less) prior to the last three months as you choose not to make those visible via online banking.
If I am correct in this understanding please let me know as I would like to cancel my credit card as soon as possible.
Thank you for your understanding,
*To clarify that's five (5) dollars FOR EACH FUCKING MONTHLY STATEMENT, which cannot be viewed online if it's older than 3 months for god knows what arbitrary reason so will cost additional money to mail the paper copy.

This is my line in the sand. The only thing I will be spending $5 is to have my shoe cleaned after I remove it from their ass. Good day sir. I said good day.


--V said...

So how did that work out for you? Just curious.

bisforcookie said...

They told me $5 is the going rate but since I am SUCH an important customer to them they would be willing, just this once, to waive one FREE statement copy and after that I can go back to sucking it. Unfortunately I can't apply for a new credit card, and I really do need one living abroad. But when I get back to North America, I'm cutting it up and setting it on fire.