Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Today as part of my new and improved life plan to do something productive everyday we made a garden. Garden's are fun, though not terribly funny, so I'll just bother you with photos.

This is Tay, holding seeds. Isn't she gorg? xoxo!

Here is one of our many fine potted plants. Mint for moijitos, yay!

This one is basilic, which is french for marijuana I'm told.

This is the dirt we worked up.

This is a ring I found working up the dirt, it's also a bottle opener, which is great because it really matches my pucca shell necklace.

What a hoe!! Actually it's a rake. What a rake!!

This is me yakking about how far apart the pea rows should be although I don't know the first thing about peas or rows.

This is a row of peas.

Here we have onions, beets and carrots.

Tomates in the corner, hopefully killer variety.

If you thought that was interesting, then stay tuned because I plan to document every inch of my plants lives. Assuming they grow. Please grow little plants, I'm going to run out of money soon and I'm counting on you for a source of nourishment during these troubled times. Sleep tight little seeds.

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