Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Timtim!

Timothy turns twenty-three - what kind of cake should I make him? What does Tim like best? What sums him up in a nutshell?



The pride and adoration in his eyes is usually reserved exclusively for new fathers.

I am on the phone with my mother there. When I told her I baked a cake today she said, oh that's nice. And it was nice, until I molded a clitoris by rolling it around in my hands.

It was nice until I reserved some white icing to act as gizzum and got liberal with the chocolate sprinkle pubes.

Shout out to Abbstastic for her colour consultation. For all your genital cake needs she suggests a blend of red and yellow to really bring out those flesh tones and a touch of blue to give it some depth. I really upped the red for the darker inner labia, but it's peronal preference really.

After the cake was done we got our whiskey on and met a good friend of mine, Sparkes Peppercorn and, well, I'll let her do the talking:

Sometimes Sparkles looks more like Run DMC though:

God is love,
Rev Run.

(did anyone else watch that show?)

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Stevenson, Kyle said...

I think Sparkles has a great future ahead of her.