Sunday, August 9, 2009

Home. Alive. Vacation. Good.

I haven't posted in two whole weeks, which in blog years is basically forever. Foreva eva? For eva eva? I would love to show you the lovely photos of the lovely people and places I saw but alas, upon reviendrai-ing a Montreal my phone and internet didn't work. After multiple hours of tech support and one repair man visit to the house the internet started working again...and then it stopped...then my computer stopped working...then the ethernet cable stopped working...and then my patience wore quite thin. Photos will come, but not today kids, not today.

Instead I'd like to show you a gem of a human being that has requested my facebook friendship recently. Please bear in mind I have no connection to this 'person', no mutual friends, no similar 'groups' or 'interests', nada.

Steve Steven.
Age: 38
Networks: Sheffield.
Hometown: Mexborough, UK.
Looking for: Friendship, Networking.

Ok, cool, I've never heard of Mexborough, but you never know. Let's have a look at the profile pic and see if he might look familiar. Wait, what's this? A grown man in a diaper? Ah yes, so it is.

The caption? Are you sure you want to know? "Ready for the gym now."

Ok, novelty profi pic, sure, I get it, I check so I clearly enjoy humour, next photo.
Yup. Sure. Baby lederhosen. As you do. Next slide please.

Yes, this is the obvious next choice. How did I not see that coming?

Work it Steve. Work it.

But the weird part, obviously other than a grown man who likes to shit himself while wearing a baby girl's dress and taking photos, is that his friends list was about 80% composed of other people in diapers. Mostly male. Quite a few overweight. All looking like they've got a big old boner behind those leak proof panels. But even that is understandable; people are fucked up and there's probably a name for it if I wanted to google 'diaper fetish' on a school computer. What's more weird to me is the 20% that didn't rock the diaper pic. Are they supportive of the lifestyle but don't partake in it themselves? Or are they just not comfortable enough yet to go public yet? But then their non-diapered friends would surely ask questions when they go to their profile and see their friends list. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know what's fucked up.

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