Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Life in a Week

10:32 on a Thursday: decided to calculate the amount of work I've done this week. I normally do math by hyperbole (47 apples plus 92 apples? That's like, a bazillion apples) so you know I mean business when I break out the calcumolator.

This week I will have taught 9 classes, each 40 minutes long for a total of 360 minutes of teaching time. Zero prep time.

I must be in this strange prison for 40 hours a week, otherwise known as 2400 minutes.

Now, if my grade 6 math servies me right, we just divide this and times by 100 to get the percentage of...15? Is that right? Can I possible have worked only 15% of the time I've been here this week? That would mean that I have piddled away 85% of my time, no, my life, sitting here getting carpel tunnel and becoming stupider by the minute. I have never been so understimulated in my life and for the record I have worked for the government and a call centre. I am the queen of boring jobs.

On the bright (?) side, I have 85% more time to ponder the insatiable cuteness of sloths.

And to learn how to embed youtube onto the bloggo, which I srsly didn't know how to do until this morning. Congratulations me! Now go take a break.


Anne and Christian said...

Sloths are soo cute, especially the sharing the bean sloths!! Take a rest! I know I have been (watching TV online all week).

Anonymous said...

I want one!!!