Friday, August 21, 2009


Seven out of eight David MacLeans agree that there is a serious wing shortage in Montreal.

Most of those David's are right. On Wednesdays while the rest of the world is enjoying chicken arms for pennies a pop Montrealers are content to suck on failed hockey teams and chew on transfer payments (she said like a true Albertan). Hence a small group of dedicated citizens decided to rustle up some flappers and right this wingless wrong.

This is a chicken wing in it's natural, deadened state. We don't eat it like this, it must first be severed in two places at the joints.

David MacLean makes only one cut, leaving the tip attached to the forearm, but sometimes it looks like he's wearing shoulder pads under his shirt so you do what you will with that advice.

Brittney's Honey Garlic/Kind of Asian Tasting Sauce
- soy sauce
- oil
- honey
- garlic
- ginger

You're going to want to add more of some of those than other. But less of others than some. Do what makes you feel good.

What I did in lieu of a deep fryer was bake them for a bit in the oven, then transfer to a pan, toss in the sauce and get it all sticky and good.

Dmac did a buffalo style wing, involving Frank's Red Hot Sauce and butter I think, I can't quite remember because I was so overwhelmed by their awesomness that I blacked out.

Eli can chop a carrot like none other, and her potatoe wedges are dynamite. Also, she has a good personality!


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lowercasecarmen said...

whoa, hot mama in that last pic. I love when the right balance of humidity and over-exertion (from being stubborn and walking 100 lbs of groceries home instead of taking a fucking cab) collide and -- SHIZAAM, hair looks amazing, skin is dewy, models are envious.

Noah and I were crying when we read your drain post. You are too funny girl and I'm sad we live so far apart.

Okee, emotional aside ending now.

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