Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Sound of Mooooosic

Things Montreal does well: drinking, dancing, general merriment, being all old world and european and generally incredibly lovely.

Things Montreal does NOT do well: mastering the art of the INTERNET like every other gad damn major city in the world and keeping the humidity below the CRAZY POINT. Oh wait, I blinked and now it's a torrential DOWNPOUR. Only 3 more months until it's FREEZING!

What I mean to say is that my only recently fixed wireless internet gave out after three short days and so I have been sweaty and not on the internet, as opposed to my preferred state of sweaty and on the internet.

In other news, we recently watched the Sound of Music for the first time in over a decade. For you, dear readers, I give you some of our conversations during this wonderful film:

Me: Oh, Julianne Moore!
Thea: wtf?
Me: I mean, how about the Panic Room?
Thea: wtf? Do you mean Jodie Foster?
Me: ...Princess Diaries?

Me: Check out that Nazi's butt.
Thea: Why doesn't my boyfriend dance with me? At least he's not a nazi.
Me: He is unusually blonde. Fucking arians.

Me: So Fi Do La Me Do Reeeeeeeee!
Thea: You don't know it, do you?
Me: No, but I sing anyway.

Basically the same, n'est pas?

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