Sunday, May 9, 2010

It's Too Early for This Shit

Monday morning 9:30am conversation with co-teacher:

Co-Teacher: We will have teaching teachers class this afternoon.

Me: Oh, but that's not what the schedule says.

C-T: Yes, but we missed last week so now we'll have it this week. You must have a worksheet ready for this afternoon.

Me: Okay, sure, no problem.

C-T: Also, you need to have your previous worksheets signed by principal, vice-principal and head teacher.

Me: I don't have previous worksheets. You told me not to make a worksheet for the first class and the rest were canceled.

C-T: Yes, but the worksheet is the proof that we've done the previous classes.

Me: But we haven't done the previous classes, they were all canceled.

C-T: Yes, so you must make the worksheets now.


So now I'll spend my day making worksheets to "prove" that the classes did happen, even though they did not. They will be shown to the principal, vice-principal and head teacher, none of whom speak English, to be stamped and signed by each and never seen again. I had thought that cancelling classes meant they would just be bumped down, so we'd still get a chance to do the basic, intro classes. No, no, logic must not prevail when there is jumping through hoops to be done. Since those classes have already been done* (*wink, wink) I should just move straight on. Meaning we'll never get to do the lesson on shopping, which would have been a good and useful lesson but no, satiating the demand for unnecessary paperwork must prevail. Long live red tape!

Update: Half hour before teacher class is scheduled to start.....cancelled! Yet another lesson plan that will be stamped and signed and flushed down the drain!

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Christo Wit said...

Stupid! I had to write a 3 page report for my VP and principal about my cultural experiences in Korea because they gave me the school holiday days off. Neither can say squat in English! Korean logic! I had a lot of wikipedia copy and paste going on in my "report"!