Sunday, May 16, 2010

Teacher's Day

Teacher's Day was Saturday, which is the best kind of Teacher's Day becuase I wasn't in school, but I returned Monday to several notes from students on my desk. They were folded ornately in origami shapes and most were perfectly legible becuase my students are really good at English, but the best ones are from the low levels. Enjoy.

Hello! Do you know me? I'm Kee Gyeong Kim and English nme is Jasmine in Grade 5-2. Are class is very noisy isn't it? I like english class...and I'm pretty well!!! I went to Phillipines when I was Grade 2 and come back in Grade 4 and half. I like you very much ~ when I first saw you I was happy to see you and you looked pretty either. Isn't it hard when the class are noisy and your thrut hurts. Teacher Brittney than you for teaching us and I love you teacher Brittney. Have a good time in Teacher's day. - Lee Gyeong Kim.

Hello teahcer Brittney. I'm Se Rin from 5-2 class. Thank you for teaching us with a kind heart. And I should tell you HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY! I think teacher, you are very beautiful and clever. So I like you teacher. I think Brittney teacher is a very good teacher and lastly really have a good week and happy teacher's day! Bye bye teacher. - Se Rin.

Hello, teacher? I'm Hyun dong Lee. Today is Teacher's day! You teaches every Tuesday. And your lesson is funny. But I usually talk and it is I'm sorry to you. I decide I don't make noise your lesson. Have to nice Saturday and Teacher's day. Good bye teacher. - Hyun dong Lee.

Brittney teacher! Today is teachers day. Today is very very important today. Teacher today is happy? Teacher I'm happy. Teacher today I go to ever rand. I feel so good! Teacher do you like music I very like the music class. Teacher I love to english class. -Choi Jin Myoung.

Too cute!

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