Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mmhmm, yes, interesting.

So I work in a call centre and I'm a housekeeper part time, and I'm thinking about moving to the U.S. because I hear that down there white girls don't do either of those things. I'm not sure on the logistics of how they worked it out or whatever, I think they probably have some sort of deal with the latinos, like you work our minimum wage jobs and we'll eat your tacos. Either way, I am far too white for my current lifestyle.

I recently conducted an experiment in segregated eyebrow reintegration. The results were a technical success, and a moral fail.

My camera sucks, but I swear there are hairs going all the way across.

Condom wrappers on the sidewalk: make the ones under my bed look boring. And dusty. But less aidsy.

Mmhmm, yes, interesting.

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