Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Two Too Many

Just returned for an 11 hour work day which for someone like me (ie. lazy as fuck) is 11 hours too many. My feet smell like tiny pieces of sour turd. Scratch that, honesty time: they smell like ladies size 10 1/2 pieces of sour turd.

I'd love to tell you all about the many wonders of my job (teaser: I get to say penis. Over and over. Penis penis penis. Also, girth. What a great word.) but frankly Mr. Shankly I am bushed. Big time bushed. Like, 70's porno bushed. Feminist hippie bushed. Bushed just like your grandmama cause you know she hasn't trimmed the hedge since grandpa broke the lawnmower.

Tomorrow children. Or the next day. Life is long; patience is a virtue.

Stay groovy kitties.

1 comment:

Stevenson, Kyle said...

Lets measure feet. I swear mine have gotten a little bit bigger. I swear (not really).