Friday, January 15, 2010

Day One

Day One is in the books and we're in Giabraldi, Oregon, home of the best clam chowder on the west coast! Especially if by 'best' you mean it came from a can and you didn't add the water. Nice and thick down the gullet.

After six hours of driving today in various degrees of torrential rain I think we're beginning to realize some things about each other. For example, apparently we're both afraid of each other's driving. Except the difference is that his fear is completely unjustified because I'm a good driver. Not that I'm saying he's bad or anything...but my leg's a little tired from pumping the imaginary passenger side brake. However, we're both easily amused by small things (hey-o) and there is much excitement in the car each time we see a funny license plate or a bridge or by small town 'merica in general.

In any case we made and our hotel room has wireless. Thank fuck, because I got winded after two minutes of jumping on the bed. We pulled into Cannon Beach just as the sun was starting to set and saw a street called Sunset Road. God doesn't just wink and point his hairy finger at you like that any old day so we took it and found this:

On a slightly less wonderful note, the wall between our room and the next is shaking and someone is definitely fucking a hooker on the other side.

California tomorrow! I'm going to drink Sonoma dry!

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