Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Nerd Goggles

I will have you know that these are the exact ones Tina Fey used to wear. Exact, I stole them from her hilarious garbage and wiped off the wicked funny eggshells and now they are mine. Another step completed in my 257 part plan to become her. Tomorrow I'm going to slash my face up with a knife? Too far? I'm still not Tina Fey so I guess it's not far enough.

Who's over there? Are there clowns to the left of me?

Is there someone else on my right? Jokers? Are there jokers on my right?

Stuck in the middle with a Sears catalogue ad for mediocrity. That's all they sell baby.

Every self photo shoot needs an awkward outtake. Here's one of 25,000.

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