Thursday, January 14, 2010


Tomorrow begins what will surely be an interesting road trip from Vancouver to San Francisco with myself and my directionally challenged significant other. That's not to say that I'm not also directionally challenged, perhaps even more so than he, but I'm the one writing this blog, while he's booking rooms at at Motel 8 like a sucker.

We're doing this trip without a GPS, to maintain a sense of wonder and excitement, and also to test his tolerance as I scream at him to leap across three lanes of traffic to make our exit. Actually we just don't have a GPS, and I wish we did, because I can yell at robot ladies all day and not feel at all bad. Maybe I'll ask him to give all directions in a robot voice. Turn. Around. You. Idiot.So I'm in charge of maps. Should be easy enough, google maps is the best, true dat, double true. Except not, because I'm computer challenged and otherwise functionally retarded. Notice how I started blogging after printing off only the maps to Oregon. Also, I missed the part of the map that included Seattle, so instead I drew a circle at the bottom where the map cut off and drew a picture of a Starbucks. I actually did that. I hope he doesn't read this until after we get back, when it's all just a funny memory. Remember that time we broke up halfway through Washington? Hi-larious.

For future reference, there it is. Follow the green squiggly and keep an eye out for the needle.

Also, he giving me these weird looks when I say I want to find a museum somewhere on the way where you can pretend to pan for gold. Doesn't that sound like the best kind of fun you can have without abusing substances??? Also, I've already found a cheese factory I want to stop at and I'm fully prepared to pull over in any town that has a funny name. Gaylord, CA? Can't wait. Whiskeytown National Recreation Area? Our health insurance doesn't cover alcohol related injuries, but I'm willing to sober up before they put my arm back in its socket.

Blue Heron Cheese Factory has a miniature barn. I can't wait to crawl inside of it for a novelty photo shoot.

What's also funny is that I don't even like being in the car on highway's like this, let alone driving. On family road trips in the mountains I used to pitch my whole body against the side of the car that I thought needed more weight to keep the wheels on the ground.

We're also stopping in the Sonoma Valley to visit some friends which is really exciting. Plus, let's just say that when it comes to wine tasting, I don't spit.

If anyone has any recommendations on places to see or things to do in the San Fransisco area, please let me know. I've already picked out some bakeries and restaurants and we've lined up a scene from Full House to recreate in front of the Painted Ladies. I've also got my fancy new camera on standby so there'll be a lot more pictures around this here blog.

On the road again, I just can't wait to get on the road again......

(Tomorrow's post will likely be about how sick of driving I am.)

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