Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter of Sorts

Easter came and went this year in the back seat of tiny Asian car belonging to a tiny Asian woman. Her kindness is nearly overwhelming and her English is nearly non-existent. We were bound for the east coast and after seeing a Buddhist temple that looks remarkably like all the others we headed to Yeongdeok, a town on the East Sea known in South Korea for having the 'best' crab in the country. They also have the 'best' statues of crabs, an unrelated coincidence I'm sure.

Dinner is served!




I wouldn't eat you if you weren't so tasty.

The crab was delicious but I was less stoked on eating the guts that look like runny poop. Just mix with rice! All in all a nice way to spend Easter, although much quieter than last year. There is an overbearing, possibly Jewish, grandmother somewhere inside me that wants to feed people. My tiny shoebox apartment does not accommodate such wishes.

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