Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Penny for your socks.

There are many difficult things about living in Korea but for me the worst thing is socks. At home from the months of April to October I refuse to wear socks at all. Snow in June? Don't care, not wearing them. They make me feel stifled, like someone is strangling my ankles and my toes can't express themselves (I have very expressive toes). For the rest of the year when socks are a climatic 'must' my collection consists of a half dozen mistmatched oddities, each with one or several holes. Coming to Korea meant I had to get my sock act together. Everyone here will notice, and judge harshly, if I rock the bi-polar foot coverings so I've taken a newfound interest in just where my missing socks wind up. I don't have any conclusive evidence yet but I think they might be hiding in the spot in my head where my brain should be. I'm going to test this hypothesis just as soon as I find pink stripey's brother.

Mental incompetancies aside though, there are practical matters at hand. Recently the weather has taken an extreme upwards swing, sitting at about 30 degrees outside and roughly a million degrees in my fifth floor hell hole hot box of a classroom. Unlike my Korean friends I have these peculiar things called sweat glands that cause my feet to randomly produce liquid. Oh wait, not randomly, it's because I'm wearing socks.

The solution, though I hesitate to use that word becuase I fear it's worse than the current state of affairs, is the pantyhose-socklet. This item is such an abomination that google won't even find me a picture of it even though I asked very nicely. Essentially it's like a sock that only covers your toes, the sides of your feet and part of your heel. Here's the thing though, it's made of pantyhose material so you can still see your feet! It's the illusion of modesty with complete disregard for reality. It's like if I wore a saran-wrap t-shirt; sure, technically I'm covered up, but we both know you can see my nips and maybe that mole I should get checked out. Pointless! Well, unless it cools off in which case yeah, definitly pointy.

Anyway I'm going to have to suck it up and get some because right now I look so butch in my socks/sandals/skirt outfit that the kids are going to start calling me handsome.

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