Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fun With Fusion

After a much needed trip to Costco for some western essentials I'm ready to start blending some old favorites (cheese, spices) with some new ingredients (Asian sweet potatoes) and mix in some things that are the same in both places (Eggs. Can't really change eggs, can you?) The result? A quiche of course.

I actually bought the sweet potatoes expecting the regular sweet, yellowy-orange insides but peeling away their rough skin exposed bright white insides. Quelle surprise! Asian sweet potatoes are actually pretty similar to potatoes, but with a dryer, more creamy texture and just a hint of sweetness. Not a bad surprise at all.

The prescious feta that I found at Costco was actually a lot more mild than I expected, resulting in a fairly bland quiche so if you attempt this either make sure you've got a cheese that can stand up for itself in a fight or add some other flavours. I'd also be lieing if I said I didn't dream of a rich, buttery, flaky crust but such is life.

Zucchini Asian Sweet Potatoe Quiche with Rice Crust
(Inspired by this little number)

1 cup cooked rice
1 egg
2 tbsp melted butter

4 eggs
1 zucchini sliced thinly
1 asian sweet potatoe, cubed (you could use regular potatoes)
Cheese. As much as your budget or current location permit.
Salt and pepper.

Combine rice, egg and butter. Press into the bottom of your pan. I cooked it for three minutes in the microwave but please use your lovely ovens if you have them. The microwave just doesn't crisp things up.

Steam sweet potato and zucchini and allow to cool slightly. Lightly beat eggs, add cheese, cooled veggies, salt and pepper and pour overtop of the rice crust. I cooked this for about 7 minutes in the microwave until the centre was firm. Again, oven, oven, oven.

Then eat it, dummy.

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