Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Improper Use of Excel

I heard that spreadsheets are nice, and a good way to make a monthly budget. This is not an example of that:
I downloaded a template from the good folks at, then deleted everything on it and made two categories: food, and everything else. There are absolutely no formulas used. I simply add the columns up and write the total at the bottom. The red numbers are when I've gone over my arbitrary weekly limits. Then I transfer those totals to an arbitrary square I've created to find monthly totals, add in the billz, and use exclamation points to make myself feel good when I've stayed under budget.

Essentially I could have done this in a word doc, or even ms paint if I wanted to be creative, but excel just seems right, you know? I think it adds an air of legitimacy, which is exactly what a liberal arts grad with nearly zero math skills wants in a budget. Well done English major! You go studio arts student! You crunch those numbers!

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