Thursday, July 2, 2009

And so we called it Kan-a-ta.

Misunderstanding languages. A part of our heritage since before your grandpappy raped that nice Aboriginal lady. Metis status, awesome!

I was going to write something about the stupidity of Quebec's moving day and how it has surpassed International Box day as the world's most retarded holiday (why would you set a day for everyone to move instead of people moving when it suits them, thus causing mass chaos, huge quantities of garbage and lack of moving vans. Also, the government changed moving day to July 1 in 1973 because they thought it would be easier for students to move in the summer. You know, directly smack dab in the middle of the four month summer break in stead of hte beginning or end of the school year. Thanks gouvernement! ), but I just started french school and I'm so tired I could just cry. It doesn't help that class was so boring I wanted to punch myself in the face just so I'd have something to do.

So instead, a photo diary of my Canada day bbq. The photos are, however, mostly of me because no one came to my party save for two cats from the Red Herring and the people who are always here anyway. Shout out to the Red Herring kids for raising my self esteem up to -12.

A single example of the fucktarded amount of shit on the streets.
Isn't she looooooovely? Isn't she won-der-ful?
(ps. I saw Stevie Wonder, more on that later)
Homemade corn dogs, fuck yeah!
Who's a dirty bird?
Cup the balls.
All wiener. No bun.

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