Thursday, July 23, 2009

Brittney Accidentally Attends a Metal Show; Doesn't Look Out of Place

Last night we went to see our friends band The SSRIs play and in a startling turn of events the band playing before them turned out to be "heavy fucking metal" as the young man giving the microphone a verbal lashing described it.

The guitar player was a young lady who was certainly not a day over 17 and had all the stage presence of wet plywood (more exciting than dry but less exciting than, say, anything else) and the lead singer was an angry feller with a bald spot and facial hair that can only be described as sideburns that turned into a chinstrap that ended just before his chin. In other words, fuckin' hawt.

While I found their incessant screaming and cursing startling at first (I inched ever closer to becoming my mother when I said, 'Oh for heavens sake') I soon found myself in a fit of laughter so intense that I couldn't join in for the audience participation portion of the evening wherein the lead singer led the crowd in a repeat after me style chanting of 'DOWN WITH EMO! DOWN WITH EMO!' Question: is it the goal of headbanging to evacuate the frontal lobe via the forehead or merely a welcomed side affect?

However, after their System of a Down cover (Chop Suey, obv) as well as a tribute to the Ramones, the 14 year old girl in me who wept when she didn't get to go to Edge Fest had a raging boner. Mxpx? Nofx? Blink 182? (One of those things is less punk than the other.) Ahh to be young, when the world is your oyster and if you crank the volume you can't even hear the pearls rattling around.

Anyway the point of all this is that in what is being called The Greatest Outfit Choice Ever I was forbidden from wearing my birkenstocks (even my classy black 'nighttime' ones) and so I changed my look from granola bi-curious to bull dyke for the occassion.

So badass. So so badass. In case you can't see, that shirt that once belonged to my father says 'Rockin' Into '84, Streetheart, Headpins and Helix.' On the back there's a map of Alberta with all their tour dates: Edmonton, Calgary and Lethbridge. Quite the whirlwind tour to say the least.

But the SSRIs are super good and super cute and real nice dudes so you should check them out okay? Okay?

Adios amigro-ettes.

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Piebs said...

I like your lesbian suit. My favorite lesbian outfit has a plaid top but very similar pants, I often wear it to a concert just for funsies.