Saturday, July 11, 2009

Food Finally Finally Food

I realized I haven't done a food post on this partial food blog in a long time. Prepare to be rectified dear blog.

Grilled Salmon and Asparagus with a Dill Cream Sauce

I really wanted salmon that day, irregardless of the fact that it's not the freshest or cheapest thing here. I almost choked on a bone and I reduced the cream sauce too much, but all in all pretty good.

Grilled Portabello and Goat Cheese burger with Onion Rings

I have to say I was a little disappointed with the onion rings. They were greasy in a way that A&W onion rings are not, and that is the standard by which all onion rings must be judged. I'm not sure if I should have used a different oil (I used canola) or if I needed to blot them more with paper towel. In any case, they were good when they were warm but as they cooled I could have just munched an onion and sprayed Pam directly into my mouth for the same effect.

Breakfast at Timothy's
It's Saturday morning and what is young Timothy cooking for breaky?

Why it's pan fried salt and vinegar chips! Served in a sandwich with mayonnaise and chased down with a redbull.

And then he ate the rest with a spoon and a healthy dollop of mayonnaise.
Breakfast of metabolic champions.

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Morley said...

I find that if you make sure that the batter for onion rings is really cold you can make them significantly fluffier, and that they'll absorb less oil. I usually fill a stainless steel bowl with ice and water, and mix my batter in another stainless steel bowl floating on top of it. Also, when I pour water in the batter, I put a bunch of ice in it. As far as oil goes, canola is pretty much all you can use. If you can find some organic corn oil it might work. I've tried using canola oil but it has started burning in the past. I don't think it is as resilient as canola oil. Maybe you could try a blend? What are you using in your batter?