Friday, July 10, 2009

So the other day I burnt my arm on the oven and instead of icing it or running it under cold water I just left to see how bad it would get. I realize now that this is a) fucked up, b) masochistic, and c) now looks like I'm a cutter, or like the crack rock I was melting spilled out of the spoon onto my arm. I think. Is that possible? (We had to google "smoke crack, how to" and I'm still unsure.)

As with most things, I went too far and got a bit sad when I found someone on a forum who said, "i like how it turns red, it glows and you can watch the crack melt, it looks pretty!" As pretty as your future darling. As pretty as your face before your pimp taught you a lesson. As pretty as the sun setting on your emaciated body as your cat claws at your face looking for food.

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