Monday, July 13, 2009

Jazz Fest '09!

Jazz Fest '09 concluded on Sunday but I didn't get around to posting this until today. So sue me. I successfully made it to opening and closing nights and not a moment in between. But rather than talk about my experiences at Jazz Fest, see for yourself:

So, this is me at Stevie Wonder opening night. I'm the black bit at the front, and Stevie is the black bit (not racist) behind me. See? Can you see?
Ok, here's a better picture. Here Stevie has reincarnated himself as Michael Jackson and played himself an entire tribute show. Give it a rest Stevie/Michael. This is obviously after we pushed through the crowd for literally one hour to get such a good view. We reached what we thought was the stage but turned out to be only a screen. That is how far back we were. Stevie was seriously two blocks around the corner, but it's ok because he couldn't see us either on account of his dead eyes.
Here's a picture I found on the internet taken by someone who was obviously closer, but still so far away all they got was a decent shot of a screen.

And finally here is Ben Harper who played closing night and is like, so dreamy. Some say he's a master of the guitar, but I say he's a master of being handsome. I couldn't find a good picture of it, but if you are at all into tall, dark, handsome men with beards, then you can just cliquer here and drool on sister. Drool on.

For the first time in weeks montreal has some sun today so I'm going to go soak up my yearly dose of vitamin D before we go back to being franco Vancouver. Adios.

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