Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Internet Fucks With My Mind

I started watching Undeclared tonight, as part of my 1205 step program to become Seth Rogan (#7 convert to judiasm for the jokes) and the second I saw the character Lzzy I thought to myself, "I have totally seen this woman with a cock in her mouth."

I'm a little bit startled because I don't actually watch a lot of porn (except novelty porn, which I watch probably too much of because I think it's totally necessary to make sure everyone I know has seen two kinds of dinasour porn as well as meatloaf farts) but I was totally, completely certain I'd seen this woman take it from behind like a champ, and I could vividly picture her making that half sexy moan-half in pain moan that the porno ladies do so well.

So I cruise over to imdb, totally contemplating my moral dignity and then I find it: Californication. She's the girl Charlie cheats on Cokey Smurf with. So she's not a porn star, she just plays one on tv. And I'm not a pervert, I just watch a lot of tv.

And now, back to

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