Friday, July 3, 2009

Remember Film?

I am so tired I could shit twice and die.

Do people say that in non-rural-alberta places? One time I really horrified someone with the phrase 'tear him a new asshole.' In my defense it sounds less vulgar when my mom says it.

(this is my 'have to pee at church' dance)

On another poop related note, we have a two week holiday from school at the end of the month and someone in my class was talking about what a long time that is and I thought, I've been constipated for longer than that.

(i am squeeshing your church)

Someone once told me about a friend who was getting married after dating their (less than) significant other for six months and I thought, I've had cheese whiz for longer than that. And my processed cheese and I will probably be together for longer too. Even if it's because it's glued to the inside of my bowels.

You'd think he was pretty or something with all the damned photos I have of this guy.

Gag me with a spoon. Take a dump on my chest. Get fucked.

I'm going to bed by 10.


Stevenson, Kyle said...

None of these pictures do my facial hair justice.

bisforcookie said...

Me neither.